Sunday, 30 March 2014

Open Letter to Government Of Canada - Message of Mercy

Dear Government of Canada;

    I am writing this open letter to you in hopes that you will hear our pleas for mercy, and acknowledge the voices of not just many Canadians, but voices of the world as well to end the Canadian Seal Hunt and spare the lives of the innocent.

    We are coming to you to show that your promotion for the commercial seal hunt is not an economical necessary activity, that there is nothing "humane" about stealing the lives of innocent animals for mere profit, no matter how much you try to sugar coat or justify this crime against nature - for that is what it is, a crime, and as a crime it needs to be stopped before it is too late.

   As a Canadian, I truly understand that measures need to be taken in order to boost our country's economy, but shedding the innocent blood of beings is not a method that should be permitted - that clubbing seals with hakapiks, a long club with a spike on one end, or shooting these babies should not be considered "humane" - it is far from this, destroying families and lives for something that is no longer required... we need to develop more compassionate approaches to build our economy instead of slaughtering those who co-habit this land with us - that animals need to be respected and protected, as we, humanity want to be respected and protected. 

    But it seems that such protection and respect only goes as far as humanity in many cases - leaving innocent animals to be tortured, abused etc because of the fact that they are voiceless and mere animals in many eyes.  According to articles that I have come across - there is apparently documentation of such cruelty and violation of Marine Mammal Restrictions in the past years - such as sealers leaving injured seals to die slowly, hooking and dragging animals that are still consciously struggling and in pain - even to the point that some are skinned while still alive --- so I ask how is this industry "humane" again?  

   The purpose that we are coming to you is because the Government subsidizes this out-dated and no longer necessary industry - apparently spending millions of dollars on this failed hunt - millions which could be put towards more useful activities and such things as education, health care, other industries that can boost up our economy, other than taking lives that do not deserve to be stolen.

     It is necessary to take steps towards a more compassionate future - so that future generations can truly be proud that we worked together to respect and care for life, instead of seeing these living souls, that we were meant to be guardians for, as mere profit making possessions - for no one should have the right to put a being through pain, suffering and death in order to make the almighty dollar.  That is not what humanity should be about.

We are hoping that you will open your eyes and your hearts and see the truth - that the commercial seal hunt is nothing more that pain and anguish which desperately needs to be stopped once and for all - We must work together and unite our voices for animals in need, and that begins with our own backyards. 


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  1. This has always been a main source of anguish and embarrassment to me as a Canadian. That Canadians could do something this barbaric and cruel saddens and angers me. We are above this and this horrible practice must stop. We should protect not destroy these animals especially for profit. We are not savages and need to stop acting like it.