Sunday, 2 March 2014

A FUREVER SAVIOR: A Little Life That Saved Mine

We are always hearing stories of family pets doing amazing things for their owners, or for those whom they don't even know. Amazing stories of courage, loyalty , true friendships and unconditional love, that makes us open our eyes and realize & remember just how important these innocent lives are to us all. That is why I decided to write this blog in dedication to my little girl "PJ", who wasn't a dog in my eyes - but an inspiration, a best friend, a member of my family and so much more.  

    When I look at my life before "PJ", only one word could describe it in a nutshell - EMPTY- sure I had the love from family and friends, but in my eyes I wasn't complete - a silent soul that was hidden within the shadows of this world, a single flamed candle that was slowly fading away with each breathe that I took, and it was only a matter of time before the flame went out, unnoticed by a world that I hid away from.

But what I didn't realize was that somewhere along those lines, something of higher power saw my despair and emptiness and took it upon themselves to place within my hands an innocent life, a life that needed me as much as I needed them - a soul that was instantly bonded with mine the moment that I helped deliver her, and she took her first breathe of life.

     It was an experience that I never felt before - not only to deliver my mom's dog's puppies, but to hold within my hands this beautiful being that placed upon my heart and soul little pawprints - and I knew that day this innocent life was truly special - and it was her that made me live again, to see a different image in the mirror, and a new way of seeing life.

    For 13 years we shared our lives together - guess you could have called us the two muskateers - experiencing and making this journey through this world side by side - facing milestones as a family unit from when I got married to when my daughter was born, to when PJ had her babies and I helped deliver them. Each step in life - we took as not an owner/pet relationship, but as a father/daughter one - because she was always my little girl.

     Unfortunately on Sept 19th, 2013, the angels on the rainbow bridge called out to my baby to come home - and I was faced with a part of life that I had so dreaded to see - not only walking this world without her beside me, but not being able to see her, to hug or kiss her :( the many memories that we would never have the chance to make.

     As I sit her now writing this blog, the tears forming within my eyes - I can still see that night so clearly, laying on the floor beside her, holding her paw, singing softly "Amazing Grace" to her -- each lyric of the song coming out much sadder than the last, knowing deep in my heart that she would be leaving me - that soon I was going to be losing my baby girl - a thought that was slowly eating away at my heart and crumbling my world around me -- and it was at that moment when she turned and placed her head upon my arm, gazing at me as if to say "I Love You Daddy...!" and kissed me on the arm one last time before she let out her last breathe of life.

      Although no words could describe the pain that I was feeling at that moment and still am, I remember picking her up in my arms and just holding her tightly -- thanking her for sharing my life with me, being a part of my family, but most of all thanking her for saving me in so many ways.  I was given a beautiful opportunity to be there when she took her first breathe of life, and held her paw for when she took her last.  She was an inspiration, my best friend, my little girl - and I truly hope that I had given her the life that she deserved, with enough unconditional love and care, all the things that she gave to me :(

     On MARCH 27th - PJ's BIRTHDAY - I want to make it a day called "PET HEROES" for all those pets that have saved their owners or even stranger's lives. To honor them by sharing the stories, the photos & to have the WORLD "RAISE UR PAW" for these amazing animals (family members) in memory of my little girl "PJ" --- I love you baby girl - and hope to see you once again.


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