Saturday, 15 March 2014

ROARS FROM THE WORLD - Global March For Lions

Today, we not only show the greatness of our nation, but also the unity of the World - where we stand together as one, voices raised and paws held high to ROAR out for the innocent beings who have been voiceless for way too long.
    We as the World must march together globally in hopes that the South African Government will finally listen and acknowledge our united voices and ban CANNED HUNTING once and for all - and acknowledge that this sort of crime against nature is truly unacceptable.
     This on-going and fast growing business is legal within South Africa, where the lives of innocent lions are bred in captivity - hand raised and used in the cub petting industry, and once these beautiful animals are big enough they are then enclosed within an area that they cannot escape from, often drugged, and then killed for large sums of money - mostly by wealthy tourists from Europe and North America.

      But it is not just the wealthy "trophy" seekers that are paying into this business - many tourists (local and international) who flock to have their photo taken with a baby lion are unaware that they too are supporting such a barbaric practice and that is why raising awareness is so important - so that more will see the horrors associated with this and take part in voicing their opinions and raising their paws so that the Government will use their power to bring an end to this "Trophy Murder" and finally making it illegal, and come up with other strategies and methods to bring income into the country instead of sacrificing innocent life for the almighty dollar.

       Please take part in the GLOBAL MARCH OF LIONS to help & support the goals to raise awareness about the critical plight of South Africa's lions, to join countless others to ban trophy and canned hunting,  to unite worldwide to protect innocent life from the hands of those who wish to destroy it...  WE MUST BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD --- Let's Hear You ROAR Worldwide.

Thank You


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