Monday, 17 March 2014

TRAPPED WITHIN THE ICE - Update on 40 dolphins struggling off Newfoundland Town.

UPDATE: All 40 dolphins are now gone :( it is truly heartbreaking to hear about innocent lives perishing like this - Want to thank all who work tirelessly to help raise voices to save these innocent lives, although our prayers for them to be saved were not answered.

The Buzz began with a call for help about 40 white beak dolphins, including mothers and calves, who were trapped this weekend after being encircled by ice near CAPE RAY in NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA, pushing them towards the shallow waters -- this call caught the attention of countless others worldwide, joining together to do what they could in order to get these poor babies saved from a fate that laid ahead.

 BERT OSMOND, local resident first noticed the stranded lives yesterday. 

    Although many calls were coming in by many pleading individuals to help these defenseless animals who were struggling desperately to be freed, officials say that there is little that can be done due to the dangerous weather and ice conditions.  

According to what I have read on VOCM.COM - WAYNE LEDWELL, of the whale release and stranding group stated that human safety is paramount when considering whether or not to save the animals. He also stated that the weather conditions in the area are so bad, people would be risking their lives to try and intervene.

      Sadly this morning, most of the pod have passed away due to the conditions, leaving just three of these beautiful animals still alive, but in really bad shape - riddled with sores that they endured from their fight to try and escape their icy prison.

       The news about this not only stirred outrage and sorrow, but it also brought upon understanding of the difficulties that would be present in order to save these innocent lives - that lives would be at risk due to poor weather and ice conditions that of the animals and those who try to save them.

       However I do believe that this should be an eye-opener in case a situation like this surfaces again - perhaps creating certain methods and strategies that can be used or performed - mind you that is just my thought.   

I do want to send out a RAISE UR PAW SHOUTOUT to all those who united their voices to take part in trying to help these babies, the hours of spreading the word, reaching out to others in hopes that these innocent lives would be saved and so much more - It truly shows that when faced with a situation like this that humanity can unite as one - even if the outcome is not a good one :( Blessings to you all.


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