Thursday, 13 March 2014


Nothing is more heartbreaking then seeing the faces of sheltered animals, the expressions of abandonment, neglect, fear, betrayal and so much more all locked up in a cage waiting patiently in hopes for a loving and compassionate family to be the key that will unlock and free them from this life.

 Unfortunately for many this key will never be found, and these poor living beings find themselves taken from this world, killed for just not being wanted - or because their cages are needed for new lives that people abandoned or surrendered... It is something that happens everyday, and although these animals have done nothing wrong, they are the ones that pay the ultimate price for the actions of those that they thought loved them...  

   Although many shelters are doing what they can to help find forever homes and families for these beautiful babies, it is clear to see that such attempts are slowly failing -- due to some humanity wanting either a purebred, purchasing those cute puppies/kittens off the internet or pet stores etc -- not taking into consideration lives that are already in need of care, love, reaching out to the hearts of humanity in hopes that they will be saved... but in the eyes of some, sheltered animals are broken - a thought that is not only ignorant, but is preventing so many lives from being saved from within shelter walls - and it is time that the world seen that these poor animals are NOT BROKEN, but SURVIVORS - precious lives that have endured and lived through so much and they still hold on to their loyalty and love for humankind -- BELIEVING that HUMANITY will SAVE THEM.

    Thanks to many animal angels around the world, spreading and sharing the message - many of these animals are finding their forever homes and families -- but so many still remain behind, to face either a life in a shelter or face the fate of death -- and this only continues to grow thanks to not neutering/spaying pets, puppy mills, humanity who do not want to take on the responsibility of their pets any longer, or those who abuse/ or be cruel so the animal is taken -- the list goes on. 

We are begging to the WORLD to please OPEN YOUR HEARTS for SHELTERED ANIMALS -- even if you can't take in a life, at least share these precious lives with others so that the hope for a forever home and family can be found -- These innocent lives NEED YOU and we as humanity cannot let them down, not when they have already been through so much - it's time we give back the loyalty and love that pets have given humankind for centuries.. Please RAISE UR PAW TODAY - IT ONLY takes a SECOND to SAVE A LIFE...


Thank You

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