Sunday, 9 March 2014

THE CRUELTY OF CAPTIVITY: A heartfelt plea to the WORLD

To All Individuals of the World:

    This letter that we are writing, is a heartfelt plea that we are hoping will reach all, to create a unity who will find it in their hearts and souls to help innocent lives that are suffering and dying in a place of captivity known as the Surabaya City Zoo in Indonesia, aka Zoo of Death. 

     For those of you who have never heard of this place, it is truly one that once you see the horrific and heartbreaking images of the conditions of the environment and the lives that reside there - it is something that I am sure you will never forget, a haunting look and imprint at another dark side of animal cruelty. 

    The unsanitary and inhumane conditions are leaving these poor defenseless animals to decay and suffer which led to more than 100 deaths since last summer alone - including a Komodo Dragon, a lion that died from strangulation when its neck became entangled in the cable that opens and closes the door of its cage, and a gaunt, malnourished white tiger that just recently fell victim due to pneumonia --- but more deaths will be seen in the future, if we do not unite and do something now to protect and save these beautiful beings.

    We have attempted to write letters, petition, even tried desperately to get media to hear our pleas & cries to help out to shine the spotlight on this issue, and to do the humane thing by taking part in saving these animals, whose cries for the world to help are slowly disappearing due to the tragedy, suffering and death that they are enduring on a daily basis --- and now we at RAISE UR PAW are calling out to humanity, reaching for compassion and support  - to join in the fight to save life.

     We need Indonesia Surabaya Zoo and Government officials to see that the way these "CHILDREN of NATURE" are being treated, and the unsanitary habitats they dwell in are NOT acceptable. These animals are NOT a lower form of life and should be permitted to be treated in this manner, to be allowed to decay & suffer in ways such as these. They need to be protected, to have the proper care and their necessities of life met - because their lives are just as important as mine and yours are.

     The World united as one to fight for the lives of those that are enslaved in marine parks, and even joined as one to spread the word about the dolphin slaughter in TAIJI - and that is why I believe that we can come together again to spread the word about the Surabaya Zoo and the horrors that are happening there, because I believe that voices can make a difference, and I believe that UNITED we can be the change we wish to see in the world, but we need to do this together.


Please Be A Voice for the Voiceless - Do not turn away & ignore - their pleas have been ignored for way too long already - They need to be heard.

Thank You




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  1. Is there a new petition I can sign to have this treacherous place shut down?