Saturday, 29 March 2014

SHUT DOWN COPENHAGEN ZOO - Where is the Respect for Life?

When you hear the name COPENHAGEN ZOO, what comes to mind???

     According to many, the name and business stirs up outrage, fueling a wildfire of negativity due to the fact that this ZOO had previously killed and dissected a healthy giraffe named "MARIUS".  A death that became a worldwide topic, especially when this slaughter was permitted to be witnessed by an audience, with young children included.   The whole ordeal got much of the world's attention, bringing upon negative comments and even some support over this crime against nature --- but it seems that the COPENHAGEN ZOO didn't let this negative publicity get to them - for once again they sharpened their executioner's axes and took the lives of four living beings (LIONS) shedding their innocent blood - a 16 year old male lion, a 14 year old lioness, and 2 baby cubs.

     This horrific killing was brought upon, when the zoo got another male lion, making way for a new pride according to the countless articles that I read.  With this new addition into the picture, the ZOO became worried and took it upon themselves to end the lives of these four babies as part of a "GENERATIONAL SHIFT" to avoid the risk of inbreeding -- 4 deaths that could have been avoided if they only took the time to arrange and take the time to take more humane measures.  

      According to the EAZA (European Association of ZOOS & AQUARIA) the Copenhagen Zoo has not broken any codes of conduct or acted inhumanely - although the EAZA regrets the deaths of these innocent living beings, they also recognize the RIGHT of the ZOO to humanely cull them in line with their policies.

This statement right here by the EAZA is just plain ridiculous and angering, stating that this is permitted to occur because the zoo broke no codes of conduct -- the COPENHAGEN ZOO failed their obligations to these innocent animals, slaughtering four innocent lives to make room for one, and not taking an ounce of time to reach out to other places to accept these animals instead of having them butchered -- what happened to being compassionate and respectful to living life - to protect and show mercy upon innocent life, what happened to humanity?

      These four lions, Earth's Children, were destroyed because once again some humans believe that they have the right to do so, that they have ownership of these babies -- and throw away the duty of being guardians to animals.  Who gives a place such as the Copenhagen Zoo the RIGHT to murder life, life that has done nothing to deserve this inhumanity?

      It is time for the WORLD to unite and come together to speak out and raise their paws to get the COPENHAGEN ZOO shut down for good -- enough is enough with these brutal killings - there is absolutely no excuse to justify what this place is doing.  How can anyone support a place that chooses death instead of life - BREAK THE SILENCE, RAISE UR PAW 


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