Saturday, 8 March 2014


In the wake of the country's political turmoil, animals in a UKRAINIAN ZOO have been left to die of starvation.

    The KHARKIV ZOO Director is blaming UKRAINE'S warring politicians for the failure of funds, stating that the ZOO only has enough food to feed these living beings until MONDAY - and desperate help is needed immediately.

     ALEXEY GRIGORIEV, tearful over the situation, has pleaded from the heart with the country's prime minister for aid & support.

"Our Animals are not fighting for POWER, they do not share anyone's POLITICAL VIEWS, they just want to live!"  -- ZOO'S STATEMENT. 

Emergency measures must take place in order to save the lives of these defenseless animals, before it is too late.  Like in the statement made by the zoo it is not about power, or the sharing of political views - it is about being humane and helping these beings live -- and the inhumane act would be to permit these babies to starve and suffer fates that will claim their lives.

     According to sources, certain suppliers have been providing food for the animals for free for three months, but however they have now refused to provide more -- which makes the quest to save these animals lives even more time-ticking - a race to get GOVERNMENT help and support immediately.

The Country which was partially invaded by Russia last week is at the point of bankruptcy themselves - and although the city allocates funds needed for maintaining the Zoo, KIEV has been redirecting the money to some of it's own needs - which results in a catastrophic situation for the animals at the zoo.

THE WORLD'S HELP IS NEEDED AT THIS POINT, to unite together to save innocent lives from this situation that is at hand.  Whether it be to get these innocent animals into an animal sanctuary, to create a suitable measure that will get these animals off the road that is leading to starvation and death - to speak up and RAISE OUR PAWS for the world to see in order to join as one for the safety and life of living beings that need us desperately. Something needs to be done!

Thank You

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