Saturday, 15 March 2014

Open Letter to South African President Jacob Zuma - Ban The Canned Hunts

Dear Mr. President Zuma,

     Today, we the people of the world, are coming together in hopes that you will Raise Ur Paw and Ban the Canned Hunting that is being permitted to occur in your country.

     It is time that we join united, to not only show the greatness of our nation, but to come together as humanity and begin to reach towards solutions that will save the countless innocent lives that are being sacrificed for the inhumane and cruel actions of those who merely see the voiceless as trophies, and not as living beings who co-habit the earth with us for their own purposes and not for the purposes of humanity.

     Is it truly fair that life be treated in this manner? is this how we want future generations to learn about us, that we were a species that had no respect for the life of animals -- that we would sell innocent life, that has done nothing to us, as objects, possessions and trophies - imprisoning them in areas in which they cannot physically escape from the bullets of predators -- due to being enclosed, human raised so there is no fear of human presence, and some even drugged, and for what purpose? So that the almighty dollar can be made from the shedding of their innocent blood.

      Canned Hunting needs to be stopped, there are already so many issues that innocent animals are going through due to the hands of humanity - why are we adding more to the list, why do we believe we have the right to put the lives of animals at risk like this? It is a shame that we have taken these beautiful creatures that make the world a beautiful place and disrespect and betray them in such a barbaric manner -- this here, and other issues that animals go through because of humanity is the true reason why the hope in humanity is fading fast.

       We ask, as the world and humanity, to please take compassionate and humane steps to bring this industry to an end before it destroys the lives of the voiceless, and brings down the beauty and tourism industry of your country.  You hold the power within your hands to do what is right, to raise your paw and voice to make a stand along with us - to rebuild the hope in humanity by protecting and caring for all life, be that of human or animal in your country.

CANNED HUNTING is nothing more than cruel and heartless murder - reflecting poorly on the culture of your country and should be considered a crime against society, nature, and humanity. This practice is NOT conservation, NOT Science, and NOT species survival - it is MURDER and DESTRUCTION. 

Thank You
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