Monday, 10 March 2014


UPDATE - ACCORDING TO INFORMATION THE MAN IN THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN CAUGHT, To those who spread the word and information, we thank you for all your help worldwide.,-Nach-dem-Video-Polizei-raet-Tierquaeler-zum-Abtauchen-_arid,1119597.html

Sometimes we come across things that leave that disturbing and heartbreaking image in our minds, making us wonder what happened to humanity? this is exactly what happened when someone on my facebook shared with me a shocking video that is not only disturbing, but angering and heartbreaking as well -- 

    The VIDEO showed a young man, with a true evil expression on his face, horrifically beating his young dog in the face, holding it tightly by the scruff of the neck - it is something that no words could express.

You can see the fear and horror in this baby's eyes, terrified at the abuse, unable to get away - at the very end leaving a small puddle of pee, and laying on its blanket trembling in fear. No animal should endure this.

We need to find out information about this person, and bring them to justice, before something more horrific happens to this poor defenseless animal :( 


 *GRAPHIC* please Copy and paste to see video :( 

The World needs to unite and do something to help this poor baby - monsters such as this should NOT be permitted to victimize innocent life, let's raise our paws and seek justice.

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