Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Many of us remember the WISCONSIN woman who kept a diary of how she poisoned and tortured her boyfriend's dog -- describing an "intense hatred" she had towards the innocent animal.  

    Sean Janas, 21, who had plead guilty to two felonies of mistreating and poisoning an animal in Marathon County Court on Tuesday. Sentencing has now been scheduled for her on March 17th. 

    The cruelty that this person put this innocent life through is something that no words to describe - and we hope that this cruel offender is given the punishment that she so rightfully deserves for her barbaric actions against nature.  

Among the allegations against JANAS, is that she poured DRANO & BLEACH down the throat of this poor baby, and stabbed it with a knife, according to criminal complaint - which ended the dog's life back in 2012.  

     This woman's actions has not only caught the attention of media, but also the outrage of many of the world. Hundreds of protesters, some with dogs - marched outside the MARATHON COUNTY COURTHOUSE in OCTOBER 2012 during a hearing for JANAS.

We would like to hear your input on this -- We need to bring upon stiffer punishment on offenders such as this, to make them pay for their crimes against nature - so that future lives can be saved and justice served for those who suffered, and this innocent baby that was claimed due to this woman "MONSTER"

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