Sunday, 16 March 2014


As a Canadian Animal Activist/Advocate, I truly felt the need to comment on an article that CTV NORTHERN NEWS had posted about CANADA SET TO ARGUE AGAINST EU BAN OF SEAL PRODUCTS AT INTERNATIONAL HEARING...

    I truly don't understand how CANADA can defend such an act of cruelty towards innocent living life, that they don't acknowledge and see the barbaric nature of such a practice, subsidizing this cruelty and death of countless seals - because in my opinion I feel this trade is as out-dated as some of the food cans in my pantry.

     Although I am sure that there are some that will argue with my opinions, stating that this practice is humane, needed, a way of controlling the populations etc - I believe also that many others who love and respect life and are animal activists/advocates agree with me that there is nothing humane about taking an innocent life - and that these mere excuses are made in trying to justify such barbaric actions, and convince oneself and others that this is something alright and needed with good reason - But what good reason is there?

      How is shooting or striking the poor animal on the head with a hakapik or club humane? then ensuring that the innocent animal is dead before cutting major arteries and letting them bleed out for about a minute before skinning them --- which I believe, in my own opinion, some of the "hunters" don't actually do (not waiting for the animal to be dead I mean!)

     According to the statement made by, ENVIRONMENTAL MINISTER, LEONA AGLUKKAQ - which is included in the article I read - "We will work with Canadian Sealers to defend this industry as a healthy, humane, sustainable source of food, clothing and income"

      With this statement right here -- many are not believing these reasons - believing that the Government is merely defending this industry due to the money that they and the country are collecting from the sacrificing of these beautiful creatures - a money-making industry that even though is no longer needed, still accepted as long as the dollar signs and demand for this cruelty is still present.

            Our WORLD is changing, and it is time to bring in a change of compassion and humanity - to look towards a future where all innocent life is protected and permitted to live without the fear of being treated like a simple object of trade --- there should be no argument about that! It is important to create methods and strategies so that the sacrificing of innocent blood ends, and the dawn of a humane and compassionate world begins.

       Please Government of Canada rethink this SEAL HUNT ISSUE,  If we as the WORLD cannot work together to STOP the destruction, suffering and murder of animals then there is truly no hope for humanity - and that there being said is something that none of us want to see.

Thank You


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