Tuesday, 11 March 2014

ISF SUPPORTER - An Open Letter of Thanks to ISF founder Ian Somerhalder

Dear Mr. Somerhalder,

  I am writing this blog letter to you, to share with the world the amazing & heartfelt compassion and dedication that you, your supporters and your foundation have demonstrated in not only creating a better world for us and future generations to live in, but for all lives as well -- humanity and animals.

   As an animal activist/advocate, sometimes it's hard to see through the veil of inhumanity and cruelty towards innocent lives -- hearing the cries and pleas going unheard, wondering why this is happening and why more aren't getting involved in fighting the good fight for life and future.

But the goodness of some humanity does shine through, special breeds of people that I call animal angels, speaking out and doing everything possible to help innocent life survive and be safe from the cruelty of others that plague our planet -- not expecting any gratitude or acknowledgement -- the only reward that they want is to save lives and be part of a difference in this world, to make a mark and take it upon themselves to stand up for their duty to be a guardian and speaker for the voiceless, in hopes that more humanity join along and follow the footsteps towards a better world for all life.

    You are one of those animal angels, that walk along side countless others - marching towards a brighter future, being part of the change that needs to be seen in the world.  I see these animal angels everyday, whether it be my supporters, your supporters, individual voices speaking out against the cruelty, abuse, issues that innocent lives are enduring on a daily basis, and making a stand to not only open the eyes of the world, but to create solution, so that LIFE is respected and compassion is restored to this world of ours.

     Without Animal Angel voices - innocent life as we know it would continue to remain silent, their pleas/cries going unheard, and their lives destroyed and taken due to the inhumane actions.

Thank You for being a voice, a light shining on the issues that need to be seen - for showing your compassion and uniting voices together, not as supporters but as a family.  I hope that truly good things come your way and that your dream of an animal sanctuary does become a reality - Compassion for life is limited these days, and I am proud to be standing with you and many, many others who let that compassion and care for life be seen.


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