Thursday, 6 March 2014


Dear Bindi Irwin;

    I am writing this open letter to you, not as a form of attack, but hoping it will reach out to you for compassion and respect for innocent lives that are enduring a lifetime in captivity.

    Many were shocked when you made your TV announcement about teaming up with Seaworld, which I am sure caused plenty of negativity towards you - due to this place being not only under fire due to award-winning BLACKFISH, but also worldwide outrage, celebrities included, over poor conditions that their killer whales are subjected too.

I myself am shocked by this announcement, considering that I have viewed your father's shows, and saw how important animal life was to him - and how he educated the younger generations to understand & learn about that natural habitats and lives of these innocent beings.  

     SEAWORLD seems to be more about entertaining and exploitation of their marine animals, yes perhaps they do rescue, but these innocent lives are no where near their natural habitats, nor are they experiencing their natural behaviors, such as catching food, being with their own pods, experience coming together as a partnership with mates in order to create the next generation of their species.  To SEAWORLD, their killer whales are about eating frozen fish for doing great jobs in performing for audiences, trapped within concrete pools - not experiencing swimming freely in the ocean, the way that they were meant too.

Is this the way you see educating the younger generations? teaching them that life should be enslaved, because that is the only way to keep their species from going extinct, to do parlor tricks for customers - things that they wouldn't do in their natural environment - the list goes on and on.  There is nothing natural about what is happening at SEAWORLD -- and it's a shame that you want to be part of that, to support teaching this sort of suffering and depression to a future that your children, my children, the world's children will be part of.

      I know you want to follow in your father's footsteps, I wanted to do the same thing when my father died when I was young --- and I know you probably will, considering that you are a strong girl, with your father's blood running through your veins - but is this really the step that you want to take, to empower kids by teaching them that captivity & suffering is the best for life -- that what these innocent lives endure is right! It is a choice that only you can make - and hopefully you will see life as something that should be free, not something locked up and kept away from a life that they were meant to live.

I hope this letter reaches you, and you take into consideration your choice about having a partnership with SEAWORLD - don't let innocent lives endure this life, speak out and raise ur paw & give them back the freedom that they were meant to have.


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