Tuesday, 11 March 2014


TODAY we need the WORLD'S HELP IN HELPING FREE SUNDER, an innocent life that has been scarred and brutalized for many years at the JYOTIBA TEMPLE, outside KOLHAPUR, MAHARASHTRA.

    We are hoping that our plea will reach every heart worldwide, to unite many voices to speak out and stand up for this innocent elephant that has spent most of his life chained by all four legs in a windowless tinnedroof shed, enduring abuse so badly by his temple keeper, that he is now blinded in his right eye.

     This cruelty and abuse has not only destroyed this poor soul's life, but has horrifically scarred it as well - not only mentally, but physically also. It is shown just by looking at him, physically ill from an improper diet, shackled by chains (one that is spiked and looped by a rope around Sunder's left ear) leaving sores and painful injuries around his back legs- causing more whenever he tries to move -- wearing away the skin, and even evidence of scars from old wounds are noticed on his body. 

This is NO WAY for a life to be treated -- something desperately needs to be done, to get this baby out of this barbaric environment and be brought into a life that he deserves, where he is actually treated with respect and compassion and not cruelty and abuse. 

    We are hoping that this will NOT FALL UPON DEAF EARS, but be acknowledged.  It is a heartbreaking and saddening issue -- to know that an innocent life is going through this hell, to be beaten by what is called an ANKUS ( a hook metal spike) by his keeper, bound and shackled unable to move or defend himself from such inhumanity - enduring this hellish life everyday -- would you be able to handle this sort of life??? 

PLEASE RAISE UR PAW and VOICE to FREE SUNDER - let your voices be heard worldwide, gaining more attention and voices to help save this innocent life - it is time to be the change we wish to see in the world, to make a difference as a unity..  



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