Wednesday, 19 March 2014

LIFE OR DEATH: Just thoughts on 4 Year old boy attacked by pitbull.

When I first read the story about four-year old Arizona boy, Kevin being severely attacked by a pitbull named Mickey, my mind went into extreme overdrive, not just as an animal lover but as a parent as well.

    According to the article the four year old, Kevin Vicente, was a the home of the dog's owner with his babysitter - The pitbull Mickey was chained in his own backyard in South Phoenix, when the little boy reached for a bone that was lying nearby - and that is when the attack occurred. The little boy received severe facial injuries and will require multiple surgeries, thus leading to permanent scarring.

It is also stated that hospital workers were traumatized after seeing Kevin's injuries, and now he has to eat and breathe through tubes.

   A witness of the attack, Guadalupe Villa, said that Mickey attacked the boy NOT in warning, but to inflict damage! The witness is also the girlfriend to the owner of Mickey, and has known the dog since he was a puppy - and apparently, according to Guadalupe Villa, 6 months before the attack on Kevin, Mickey had killed a puppy who had come into the yard - and states she wants the dog (Mickey) put down.

   As a parent, I believe it is our job to protect our children no matter what - when they feel pain, we want to take that pain upon ourselves instead of them going through it, or if someone hurts them, we do everything in our power to stand up, speak out for them - because they are our children, a parental nature.

    What this little boy went through, no child should experience - I do not think it is the little boy's fault - but I do believe that the babysitter and the girlfriend should be held responsible as well - considering that the babysitter should have been watching the little boy considering that Kevin was her responsibility, thus including his safety,  and the witness knew about past attack on the puppy by Mickey, and yet still permitted the little boy to be in the same area as the dog - even if the dog was chained or not. 

     I do have to say it is hard to debate a story such as this, considering from an animal lover's point of view and a parent.  I also believe that when it comes to the fate of the dog, the courts should take into consideration the babysitter's and the witness' statements and involvement - their part in this situation is an important piece also considering that they were both present and that knowledge of past experience with the dog was known and yet nothing was done to keep the little boy out of harm's way.

     I understand the outrage of the world, and of the parents of the little boy - however, I do believe that  Mickey and Kevin should not be the only two that are involved in this debate - but also the other two who were also involved (babysitter and witness).

 I wanted to add this little bit of my opinion - I know that there will be those who will agree or disagree with it, and I believe that no matter what the outcome is, there is going to be suffering, and to be honest this could have probably been all avoided - and thus saving two lives that wouldn't have been destroyed today.

I do pray and send thoughts to Kevin and his family.

Thank You

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