Friday, 14 March 2014

Open Letter to Mr. Liam Neeson --- Your Fight To Stop Horse Drawn Carriage Ban.

Dear Mr. Liam Neeson;

     I have always admired you as an actor, especially in my favorite movie "The Haunting". However, I recently came upon an article on People magazine website that stated that you are fighting to stop the ban on New York City's Horse Drawn Carriages.  I agree that everyone has the right to their own opinions, and that every voice should be heard, but with all do respect I have to disagree with much of what you had said.

     As an animal rights activist/advocate, many people like myself, are trying to be the voices for the voiceless - to stand up for animals worldwide and to keep them safe from harms way, after all we do share this planet with them, and I believe that they deserve to have the right to life and safety as much as we humans do.

    The article stated that you had invited every New York City Council Member to tour the Clinton Park Stables, one of the stables where Central Park's off duty carriage horses are kept, and that you used this tour as an opportunity to speak up against the ban that was proposed on the Park's horse drawn carriages.

According to the article, you stated "This is an industry that has been here since before Abraham Lincoln's first inauguration" "A beautiful industry it is. It's a connection to the past!" (people's magazine) -- perhaps before it was a beautiful industry, but now with the traffic and the paved streets, the horses that are pulling the carriages are at an increased risk of becoming spooked or injured -- and once injured these poor defenseless animals are at risk for being put down, depending on the injury present, even then serious suffering follows.

    The seriousness of this ban is not only to protect the horses that are being put at risk, but it is also to keep NYC residents and others safe as well -- and when I say to protect the horses and residents/others as well, I mean if a horse gets spooked it very well could dart out into traffic causing serious injury to not only the horses and those who are on the carriage, but also the motorists, and pedestrians as well... This ban is not about taking something away, but giving innocent life the safety and security that it very well deserves.

    Apparently you also added that you believe that the horses are well-cared for --- and it could be a possibility that you are correct, but it isn't just the care of housing, food and the basic necessities of life that is important - the safety and life of these animals is something that needs to be considered as well.  Even if these beautiful animals are well-cared for - they are still forced to go out and risk their lives, and that is a true fact that cannot be ignored - and I am pleased that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is doing the humane and compassionate method to save and protect these animals --- and that is what I call manning up and being human - by putting the needs of the voiceless first before profit and tradition etc.

     NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is not leaving any stone unturned - if this ban is passed, the plan is to relocate the horses to rescue farms, and he has also told The Times that he is working to set up alternate employment opportunities for the drivers, which I believe is a great strategy and method - so that no jobs are lost and no injuries/deaths occur... 

 It is about time that someone has done something to protect these innocent animals -- it is NOT about destroying the past, but creating a more compassionate and humane future for all life - and it is time that the voiceless are heard and their lives respected.


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  1. I think if the animals are well cared for, not worked for too many hours, it is not a bad life 4 them. As far as injury to animal or human, we all take a risk every time we ride, drive, or anything; are you going tell me it's wrong 4 me to ride my horse because someone may get hurt, she might step in a hole and break her leg, or spook & run. NO. I think the horses should remain a part of NY & America. They settled it all you know? Horses like to have a job & People love them!