Monday, 10 March 2014

WITHIN THE TANK: The Story of KISKA - Marineland Orca

We have all become more aware of the captive industry since the award-winning documentary BLACKFISH opened the eyes of the world to the many horrors and the heartbreaking reality of life within the tanks.

    It showed us all that these marine parks, Marineland, Seaworld etc have tried to hide us from the truth, making us believe that the orcas, dolphins and life that reside within the walls of these imprisonments are happy in their fake environments... but to be honest would we actually be content with a life such as this, to be kept from our natural environment and placed in cells away from our home & family - to be just a product for an industry that is making millions if not billions from our enslavement --- I use the word "enslavement" because that is what it is - imprisoned, forced to do tricks, rewarded for doing good jobs etc, keeping us from being part of our natural way of life (catching food, forming relationships to create new life etc)

     The more details that we learn about the horrors of captivity, the more devastating and angered we become -- raising questions of how we could have permitted this to continue for so long... 


   Considered the lone remaining killer whale at the Marineland Park in Ontario, KISKA's story, continues to paint the dismal picture of captivity. One that breaks your heart and leaves you questioning how humanity can keep these poor defenseless beings locked up in such a manner.

     According to sources and research, KISKA has been held there since 1979, when she was captured off the coast of Iceland, during her life at the park she has had five calves, each one now deceased.

During our research it is said that KISKA has never been a strong whale, constantly on medications. But even though captivity had taken her away from freedom and a life she deserved, this beautiful orca did form a bond with another whale from Iceland, named NOOTKA, a bond that many would consider extremely close, a family unity - "they hated to be separated".  These two friends swam and vocalized together -- they even supported one another during labour.  I guess you would call this a very true and cherishing friendship, and sisterhood. 

    However, after the death of her 4 year old calf, and the passing of her "sister" Nootka, KISKA began to decline. Although she still vocalized alot - many believe that she is just trying to call out to a new friend, a new companion.

      KISKA has been alone for some time, especially since her temporary companion Ikaika was repossessed by SeaWorld --- with No friends or companions being there, to swim or vocalize with her - it is said that she seen lying just below the surface of the water in her tank --- a saddening image that can be seen at the park. 

This is NOT a life for an innocent being, to live in a place where you are alone, no freedom, no family, no friends - just a cell that keeps you from being where you are meant to be - FREE IN THE OCEAN.  CAPTIVITY is not about keeping life safe, to keep them from extinction -- it is merely a prison, educating those that life can be locked up, made to do tricks -- teaching our future generations about enslavement and not about their natural behaviors -- because there is nothing natural about captive lifestyles.

RAISE UR PAW TO HELP FREE KISKA and to free other lives that are bound by the shackles of captivity - LIFE DESERVES TO BE FREE!


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