Monday, 10 March 2014

A PICTURE SAYS A THOUSAND WORDS --- BUT is it too late to talk!

This photo of a dog hanging from a ceiling at a dog spa in Wilmington, NC has lead to not only outrage, but also a police investigation.

     The photo was posted on FACEBOOK by a former employee - and from there is spread like wildfire throughout social media.  

The dog named "VINNIE" belonged to a client, and according to the SPA'S OWNER, the picture had been taken years ago, and the dog was uninjured from the controversial "Stunt" --- since the posting the photo has gone viral... and so has the negative comments, outrage -- and even some speaking out and standing up for the SPA.

      According to the SPA OWNER, the former employee had been recently fired from her business and that the posting of this picture was an act of revenge.  Those who defend the owner and the business, claimed that the dog was in a harness and that it was a mere harmless prank -- but to others this doesn't settle well, saying the act was unprofessional and inappropriate - along with other statements.


A designated detective is now looking into the situation further, along with the animal control.

Please Weigh In Your Opinion on the matter? Should it matter if the picture was taken years ago? and if this was indeed an act of revenge from former employee, should the SPA be held responsible? 

Thank You


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