Tuesday, 1 April 2014


When it comes to my daughter's birthday, it is a family tradition to have a theme - something special that she chooses and then I break out my creativeness to make banners and other decorations to make it a very special and memorable day for her -- This year though I was 100% certain that she was going to choose "1 DIRECTION" considering that it is her all time favorite band in the world - especially Harry Styles.

   But I was literally brought to tears when she mentioned a more inspirational and charitable birthday party theme - A RAISE UR PAW BIRTHDAY PARTY - You see, my daughter always learned to be respectful and compassionate to animals, she also seems very intrigued by what my cause "RAISE UR PAW" stands for, raising awareness for animals in need worldwide. But I didn't realize how much my dedication had inspired her - to take part in raising her little paw and voice to dedicate her very special day to help animals and give them a beautiful gift.

   She is hoping that friends and family will donate food, blankets and necessities that these sheltered babies need instead of birthday presents for her - saying that the animals need these gifts more than she does -- and she is also planning on using any birthday money that she receives to purchase other things that the shelter could use to make the lives of sheltered babies just a bit brighter until they can find loving homes and families.

     I have to say that her idea for this charitable birthday is one that truly touches my heart - she has always been generous, loving and caring - a little girl with a very big heart, and I am truly proud of her, and inspired as well.  This is certainly a journey that I am truly honored to be taking with her, to hold her hand as she reaches out and helps those in need, an example of how important it is to teach the youth about compassion and respect for innocent life, for even the littlest voices can make a big difference.

Dakota's birthday is on April 29th, and I will be posting her "RAISE UR PAW BIRTHDAY" facebook page just in case there are some that wish to support my little girl, or even just wish a happy birthday to her, I know she would truly be smiling about that.

Please RAISE UR PAW along with her, and JOIN IN on her journey to Raising her paw for sheltered animals - let's spread the message so that more innocent lives are adopted, fostered and rescued - We can all play a part in saving special lives.

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