Friday, 10 October 2014

SPEAK UP FOR ME - A heartfelt poem

Speak up for me, for I am here
Although many turn away
the suffering & pain humans inflict on me
A continuous torture I endure each day
I do not have a voice to plea
but my eyes cry out for you
to take that moment to stand up for me
and be my dream come true.

Speak up for me, for I am weak
The many scars I have are deep
I gaze upon humanity
For more than just the tears they weep.
Not sure how much time I have left today
or what's in store for me
I hope a special angel will save my life
and open the world's eyes to see.

Speak up for me, and be my voice
and for all the lives like mine
for we are living beings
who don't have very much time
Do not remain in silence
or ignore our cries and plea
Raise Ur Paw and let your voice be heard
Will you please Speak Up For Me??

Written by Douglas Atherton #RAISEURPAWER

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