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Halloween can be a scary time of year - full of tricks and treats and spooktacular costumes - but it is also a night to take some precautions to keep your pet safe and out of harms way, and we truly hope that our RAISE UR PAW SAFETY CHECKLIST will help you and your pet have a frightfully fun holiday:

  1. KEEP TREATS AWAY FROM PETS : We all know that chocolate is not good and can be dangerous for our furry family members - especially dark and baking chocolate - even certain candies containing certain artificial sweetners (Xylitol) can be harmful to your pets - so it's best to refrain from giving them human treats and give them their own haunting halloween goodies.  
  2. DECORATIONS CAN BE SHOCKING TO YOUR PETS: We all like to decorate our homes with spooky light and decorations that consist of cords & wires, but to curious pets they can be extremely harmful and deadly- causing shocks from chewing on the exposed cords, endure burns and cuts or worse death.
  3. KEEP YOUR PETS SAFE INSIDE: Halloween Night brings out more than just trick or treaters, it also brings out those who seek to do harm to innocent pets - inhumane tricks that could seriously injure or kill your furry friend. It is extremely IMPORTANT that you keep your pets indoors, where they are safe from the frightening events taking place and possible threats that await on this night.
  4. KEEP PETS AWAY FROM PUMPKINS & PLANTS: Nothing shows the spirit of the holiday as pumpkins & decorative corn  - but although these festive decorations are non toxic, they can cause upsets to the stomachs of your pets that decide to take a taste of your display.
  5. JACKOLANTERN WARNING: setting a candle inside your jackolantern may make it burn bright, giving off a ghostly radiance - but it can also be extremely dangerous if your pet decides to know it over - exercise caution to prevent injuries to your pets, and risk of fire.
  6. TRICK OR TREATERS: Some pets love to see the trick or treaters that come to the door, but others it can be very stressful and frightening - it is important to keep in mind that maybe keeping your pets in a separate room would be the best option  - to prevent this stress and terror, and also keeping your pets from darting outside when you open the door for these "little monsters" that come to call.
  7. DRESSING UP FOR THE HOLIDAY: First of all make sure your pet is okay with wearing a costume, just so that there is no stress to the animal.  Make sure that your pet can move freely and their in no constrictions to their breathing, hearing, or ability to meow or bark.  Your best bet would be to try on the costume a few nights before halloween - just to make sure your pet is comfortable and there are no complications (stress, allergic reactions or behavior issues etc) and that there are no choking hazards (strings or small pieces) that are attached to costumes that could severely injure or cause death to your babies. 
  8. TAGGED FOR THE HOLIDAY: Another important reminder is to make sure that your pet has their identification on at all times just in case they get loose or are lost - having identification helps the chances at having your loving pet returned.
Have a Safe and Happy Halloween This Year - For You and your Pet, from all of us at RAISE UR PAW.

** ATTENTION - if you have any other safety tips that you would like to share please put them in the comment box below - Let's Make this Halloween A Safe One! **

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