Sunday, 12 October 2014

FUR CHALLENGE: Fashionable or Cruel?

I want to personally say that this blog entry goes out to all those who wear REAL FUR or any other type of necessity that involves the torture and brutality that is inflicted upon innocent animals for the mere pleasure of humanity's inhumane needs....

    What these babies endure and subjected too are not in any way a part of life, it is just a cruel crime against nature that many people feel that they have the right to commit, because of the sickening theory that we are the "superior species" -- well all I can say is wake up to reality, the only reason we believe that we are superior is because we take it upon ourselves to destroy life, cause wars, commit acts of violence etc - to brutally violate the rights/welfare of animals and of people in order to fulfill some inventive image in our psyche that we have the rights and the seniority to do so...

    With that being said and off my chest, (take in a deep breathe) we truly need to start establishing more humane and compassionate ways of thinking, to see life for truly what it is and not some object that we can torture and massacre because we believe it would make a fashionable accessory or attire ... I mean would we consider the brutal skinning and suffering of humanity in order to design garments from their skins as a fashionable trend? of course not, we aren't barbarians... or are we?

    The reason that I question this is because of the brutality and horrific barbarism that we put these innocent lives through in order to fulfill the demands of those craving this cruelty - keeping these innocent lives locked in crammed, unsanitary cages, scared to the point that they are even self mutilating themselves, ripping them from their cages and stomping on them, some skinned alive or given anal electrocution --- it is not only disturbing and horrific, but is truly the dark side of humanity that is permitted to continue, because in some humanity's eyes our voiceless mean nothing...

     Well here is another wake up call -- Our voiceless mean everything, not only to us but the world as well, because they are living breathing animals that do not deserve to be treated in this manner, just as innocent humanity doesn't deserve treatment of torture, slaughter, abuse etc.

ATTENTION for those who wear fur or other necessities made by the death and torture of animals - here is a challenge for you? 

     I challenge those who wear the innocent blood of animals to personally be present during this sickening and grisly process, to see for themselves exactly what this process consists of, and see first hand if they still believe that these accessories and fashionable wear is truly glamorous --- will they accept the challenge? and that means you too fur wearing celebrities?



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