Thursday, 30 October 2014


It is called the "FESTIVAL OF SACRIFICE" or also known as Eid al-Adha, an annual international religious festival (the second of two religious holidays) celebrated by muslims worldwide - which involves the mass slaughter of livestock and distribution of meat to the poor.

    According to research, it is said that this so-called "tradition" accounts for the slaughter of more than 100 million animals in only 2 days, and that in Pakistan nearly 10 million are slaughtered on Eid days costing over US $3 billion.

    But truth be told, it is not only costing innocent lives, but it is raising many views and anger from individuals stating that this horrific slaughter has nothing to do with religion, and that extreme cruelty has come to be associated with this festival of death, and that something needs to be done to bring it to an end once and for all.

     In one article that I read, nauseating footage had revealed Australian animals being cruelly slaughtered - for example in one horrifying scene of the footage, it shows a bull tied to a post and then repeatedly stabbed in the neck, and another's throat was slit while it laid restrained in the back of a truck, subjected to suffering, unable to escape or even defend itself in any way.

    This display of inhumane cruelty has not only opened the eyes of many, but it has also flared up outrage over our LIVE EXPORT TRADE, leading many horrified and angered protesters and voices of the world to call out in desperation for this industry to be shut down.

     ANIMALS AUSTRALIA, a leading animal protection organization in Australia, who are devoted to seeing a world where all animals are handled & treated with the uttermost compassion and respect, organized investigators in an investigation that is being considered the largest coordinated live export investigation in history - gaining much attention from the world and media.

LINK TO THE ARTICLE HERE --> - a must read.

   It is not only heartbreaking & angering, but also disgraceful that the live export industry has profited from this sad time of year, and that such appalling actions could have been prevented if the Australian Government would have taken the appropriate measures so desperately needed and acted upon past evidence - but instead gave the go head to repeat offenders to carry on with their operations, despite history of criminal activity.

   This lack of injustice, stirs up questions of whether or not live export regulations are actually effective, especially when it comes to light that dozens of complaints were lodged with the Department of Agriculture revealing animals being sold in an unashamed manner in breach of regulations that exporters are legally responsible for keeping Australian animals within approved supply chains, and that with the amount of evidence the Australian Government has, nothing has yet been done, or charges laid against a single exporting company - which in my eyes immediately raises red flags.


   It is time that we came together to form a unity to get live exports stopped, for the time for action is now! Please Join countless others, and raise ur paw for the safety, protection and lives of these innocent beings.

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