Thursday, 23 October 2014

BAN DOG MEAT TRADE: Hollywood Helps In the Fight

"Sometimes we see things for the first time that we wish we hadn't" - quote from video

    Today, I took the moment to view for the first time the short film that was created to reach & call out to the world in hopes of putting pressure upon the Government to help stop this trade of terror in Thailand --- the illegal dog meat and skin industries.


    Before any pictures even appeared on the screen, my heart was immediately struck by the heartbreaking sounds of whines and cries - giving me that direct message of the suffering and pain that was being inflicted, the innocent pleas that these living beings were spreading in hopes that humanity would speak out and save them... 

    As the video continued, it was even more of an eye opener to the cruelty and inhumanity that these innocent lives endure, and even though there was no truly grisly displays, you knew from just the portions shown what fate waited ahead and instantly tears welled up in my eyes.

    Even as I write this blog entry, I am still in complete shock and even speechless, that not only such horror exists in the world, but that this dark secret of inhumanity that is torturing and costing thousands, if not millions of dogs their lives each year is not being stopped, making me question how come more of the world is not taking part in getting this heartless and vicious trade banned once and for all... this should not be the price they pay for their loyalty to us?

     I have to add that even though this video has truly made a mark inside my mind, I do not regret viewing it, because heartbreaking as it may be this issue desperately needs to be acknowledge and action taken to bring it to an end -- and I hope that many will join the countless others who are working hard and dedicated to save the lives of man's best friend from this terror, torture and inhumane death trade, and to shine light to raise awareness so that other individuals will become part of the good fight.

    I want to thank those involved in making this video, oscar winning Dame Judi Dench, comedian & actor Ricky Gervais, Actor Peter Egan, Stars of Downtown Abbey, Soi Dog Foundation and many others -- and also the countless others who are fighting the good fight to ban the dog/cat meat trade. 



    We must become a united world to save the lives of the innocent, because their cries/pleas can only be heard and acknowledged by our voices.  Please take part and spread the word, for no longer can this issue go unseen and unheard - RAISE UR PAW TODAY for we are the ones they are counting on.

Thank You


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  1. This is just the start of the cruelty that millions of animals have horrendous treatment from humans for greed! Please watch YouTube Documentary film called "Earthlings" it lasts 1hr35mins and every man woman and child should be made watch it and be made to watch it from beginning to end because there's only a short step from cruelty to animals