Saturday, 25 October 2014



     I wanted to take a moment to write this blog entry on PITBULL APPRECIATION DAY - to show our love and devotion to a breed of dog that has been unfairly and has had their reputation tarnished negatively for way to long.

    I know that many might not agree with me on this, but like the saying goes "everyone is entitled to their own opinions" and in my opinion the image and description of such a beautiful animal is truly heartbreaking that much of the world has given them - it would be like stating that if one person injures/kills another, then their whole family and species should be condemned and be put to blame.  

    What I believe it is, is that much of the world fears what they do not understand, or when events take place they immediately spin this conclusion that establishes a negative reputation against such beings involved - thus goes for PITBULLS. But my dear readers, we must remember that any being can be dangerous, or vicious - whether it be a pitbull, a human, to even the smallest bug... 

    But due to this negative response and thoughts about this breed, many are finding themselves being put down, or put in shelters, the last on the list to find their forever loving homes and families and it is a shame that such misunderstanding of this breed is costing countless of them their lives and the unconditional love that they deserve.

    Now when I say misunderstanding, I simply mean that many do not take into consideration the type of training that these dogs endure, that some are mistreated so badly due to ignorant owners,  that some use these innocent babies for dog fighting - raised in extreme inhumane & cruel conditions in order to make profit for those who do not care about the well being of these animals --- many do not see the whole picture, just the parts that some display in order to make these companion animals out to be "monsters" --- and that is a sad truth that needs to be acknowledged.

     I have actually been around countless pitbulls that were amazing animals, full of life, love, loyalty - and I have been around some small dogs that would chew your ankle off if they were given the opportunity --  We should never pass judgement on a life, until we know the life they had or have or what they have experienced. 

BE A PITBULL PAL and spread the word.

Thank You


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