Thursday, 20 February 2014


Dear Mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismharini:

     We are writing to you in hopes that you will hear the heartbreaking pleas of the world, and permit aid for the animals at the Surabaya City Zoo.  Apparently many have already tried reaching out to you, a woman who has done so much good for Surabaya, in hopes that you would bring down the"IRON FIST" on the inhumane actions of the ZOO towards the living beings that reside there.

    Unfortunately, such pleas and cries are going unheard - and the continuation of such horrific and heartbreaking actions are still being permitted to take place.  It is time that something be done, not only to help these innocent animals from such fates that previous animals have been subjected too and have perished because of the conditions and treatment that they endure on a daily basis, but to also allow these animals to be taken in by more sanitary and humane environments where they can live their lives the way that it was intended to be.

     The images of not only the environment, but the conditions of these animals are not only imprinted in our minds, but also in our hearts, making us acknowledge that  humanity is desperately missing from this prison that these living beings are being held captive in.

    To permit such acts against nature, is permitting the plague of inhumanity to escalate and spread - and we need to work together united to find a solution, and spread compassion instead of cruelty towards the voiceless - and we hope that you, a woman of power, will use proper resources and power to do what is right, because what is happening at the Surabaya City Zoo is neither right or humane, and it's time to be the change that we want to see in the world.

Does this look like an act that should be permitted???

Hear the cries of mercy from the world, don't allow more to perish due to ignorance and blindness - remove the veil and see the truth, raise your voice against this and open your heart to do the humane thing and save these innocent lives..  We need to be guardians of life, not executioners and destroyers.

Please RAISE UR PAW and give the gift of life - the choice is yours!

Thank You

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