Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Dear Copenhagen Zoo

     We at RAISE UR PAW and countless others of the World are not only outraged at the issue that you have created, but also do not understand how you could have killed an innocent life - ignoring the cries and pleas of humanity about the senseless slaughter of this living being (the giraffe) MARIUS - even though, apparently, you were given numerous requests from others, who wanted to take this beautiful animal in - and you denied this and went on with this heartbreaking and sickening killing.

     Although many were shocked at the situation at hand, we were even more shocked and outraged after you claimed not only the life of this beautiful animal, but you dissected it and fed it to other animals in front of witnesses, including children -- innocent souls who observed the cruelty of your inhumanity, the stealing of a soul for reasons that could have been avoided, if you only took the time to see that life should be saved.

     I am sure that you could have found it in your heart to take a different approach - a more humane strategy that could have led this innocent being to live a long and healthy life, and spared innocent children, our future, the horrific images that you have imprinted into their fragile minds. What was the true point of this display?

      The way you have tried to excuse your actions is something that will never be understood, it was done in a way that will never be forgotten, or forgiven -- even though some may brush this issue aside - many have seen the truth... and prepared to RAISE THEIR VOICES to see to it that innocent animals NEVER suffer the same fate, in the same way again.

     You have labelled yourselves, due to your cruel actions - along with much negative publicity, opening up another darker side of humanity.  There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for what you have done, you were given an innocent life, and instead of being loving and cherishing it, you slaughtered and dissected it - and there was nothing humane about it.


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