Sunday, 16 February 2014


The INDONESIA "ZOO OF DEATH" or known as the SURABAYA CITY ZOO (BONBIN SURABAYA) is in the spotlight, showing more tales of horror and inhumanity towards the innocent lives that are in their hands.

     The ZOO OF DEATH is constantly getting negative criticism - and to see the pictures of their animals, it is seen why!  The horrific living conditions, the health and image of these poor animals haunt those that have witnessed and seen the pictures - burning imprints of cruelty and neglect into their minds - and the pleas/cries of the animals there echoing - needing desperate help to save them, and it's time the world united to do something, anything possible to STOP the ZOO of DEATH from causing more innocent lives to suffer and perish.

      The SURABAYA CITY ZOO is one of the largest in Southeast Asia, spanning 37 acres and a home to more than 350 animal species. Although the zoo is getting popularity, the outrage and negative criticism is escalating due to the unsanitary and inhumane conditions that these poor animals have to endure on a daily basis - leading many media to call this ZOO the "ZOO OF DEATH"

According to reports - a lion was strangled to death by a wire in his cage, which adds to the growing death rates of the animals at this zoo, along with a wildebeest found dead in his cage, which adds to the other deaths --- a sumatran tiger, a giraffe and countless others.

The SUMATRAN TIGER was reportedly being fed meat laced with FORMALDEHYDE, which rotted its DIGESTIVE TRACT, and the GIRAFFE was found dead with 20 POUNDS of PLASTIC in its stomach, apparently the ZOO could not afford to feed the giraffe so it lived off the food that was being thrown to it by visitors - much still in its plastic packaging.

     Something desperately needs to be done to SAVE these innocent animals from the hands of this BARBARIC ZOO... action must be taken if we want to save these lives from the hell and inhumane treatment that they are enduring and exposed too. THE WORLD NEEDS TO RAISE THEIR PAWS.

   It is time to DEMAND the closure of the SURABAYA CITY ZOO - and get media attention to shine the spotlight on this issue so that these animals have a chance at living -- Please HELP by sharing information, spreading the word, anything possible.. TOGETHER UNITED OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD

Thank You


  1. How cruel this is the actual HELL, but the devil himself wouldn't live here! Shut this nightmare down! Send these animals home to sanctuaries! Absolutely appalling, I can't believe this is an actual zoo. It's a disgrace. These owners should be shot dead!

  2. To contact the Indonesian Embassy in London, UK use this email address. Keep it polite but ask them to allow these animals to be removed to a sanctuary immediately.

  3. I am blown away this is supposed to be a zoo, what kind of people do this to innocent, defensless animals. THEIR LIVES ARE IN YOUR HANDS AND THIS IS WHAT YOU DO.there should be laws that would put you away for this.