Thursday, 13 February 2014

TO JYLLAND'S PARK ZOO - Our Open Letter From the HEART to Save Innocent Life


    We the people of the world are standing strong with paws raised to request that you do what is right and save the innocent life of "MARIUS" the 7 year old male giraffe that is on deathrow at your zoo.. 

The negative outcome of what happened at COPENHAGEN ZOO is something that should not be followed, and that you need to see the big picture that life should be cherished and permitted to live - not destroyed due to being no use to humanity's benefit - this is not the way that we should be treating lives. 

    Animals deserve to be on this planet and live their lives, as we as humans have that right.  We do not have the right to decided what life lives and dies, and what life should be sacrificed - especially lives of innocent beings that have committed no crimes in this world.  

    To take this poor animal's life is showing worldwide that your establishment is not about saving or helping animals in need - just as COPENHAGEN ZOO showed when they slaughtered, dissected a young life in front of innocent witnesses (especially young children) - with no remorse or heartbreak.. the dark side of humanity.  Is this the publicity that you are wanting? the reputation that all life has some sort of price tag and can be sacrificed just because human's say these lives have no benefit - which is a mere excuse to allow humans to murder life - nothing more, nothing less.

     You have the POWER to SAVE A LIFE, a power that should be used to show that you care for animals. Do NOT follow in the footsteps of the COPENHAGEN ZOO. Make a mark of compassion and caring, to save and cherish life - that is what the world wants to see, not more innocent blood shed because certain humans just don't share the same views about life..


Show the Greatness of a Nation by Saving this innocent life and giving this beautiful creature a chance to live the way he is meant to live - BE A VOICE and not the EXECUTIONER... Doing what is right is always the best way to go.


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