Friday, 14 February 2014

To Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe - Our Open Letter

Dear Prime Minister Shinzo Abe;

    We humanity of the world are approaching you once again to stop the TAIJI DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER/SLAVERY - an inhumane crime that is being permitted to continue, where innocent living beings are being sacrificed and enslaved due to human greed and power.

     The country JAPAN has always been a place of beauty, where countless people have travelled, boosting not only your economy but also your reputation -- but unfortunately this reputation and beauty is being tarnished by a massacre and enslavement of innocent life, causing the world to see an image of something horrific and barbaric happening, something I am sure that you do not wish to occur - but it is - and you are the one that is allowing this image to take place... and for what reason?

     You also have the power to end it - to rebuild the reputation and picturesque image that JAPAN has worked so hard to achieve, to weed out the TAIJI DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER/SLAVERY, to allow compassion and care for living life to bloom and prosper - to make JAPAN beautiful once again. But this is a choice only you can make? 

     To continue to allow the slaughter and slavery of countless lives, will only bring upon more negative publicity - growing rapidly along with the voices of the WORLD who stand up for the dolphins that TAIJI FISHERMEN are claiming, ripping from a life of freedom, and destroying not only their innocent lives, but shattering the families of intelligent and beautiful creatures -- a destruction that will slowly lead the world to despise your country - is this the image and reputation that you want to leave for your future generations to endure and be part of??

Please do what is right and bring to an end this horror that is plaguing your country - listen to the voices of the world and to many of your people who are pleading to you to save the lives of dolphins - for no amount of money is worth taking the life of the innocent.


Thank You


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