Wednesday, 15 April 2015

YOU CAN H.E.L.P! Humane Education Learning Programs


We at RAISE UR PAW, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, are working to develop and establish H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs) in support of raising not only awareness, but also educating, encouraging and empowering individuals to become involved in helping to bring light and attention to the issues and dilemmas that our voiceless are facing on a daily basis.

   Our H.E.L.P programs will provide individuals with not only the knowledge and awareness, but also informative resources that can aid in reaching out further towards a better and more compassionate world – helping make connections between our lives and the effects they have on animals , and to shine light on ways that we can change our world through compassionate and respectful behaviors towards our  voiceless. 

   We intend to have these programs engage individuals of all ages, considering the imperative role that we all play in the World we live in and it's development - that all the differences and changes that can be made depend on us and our behaviors and ways of thinking.


   With the increase of issues and dilemmas that our voiceless face, Humane Education creates a foundation in which fosters critical thinking about our behaviors and relationships with animals, establishing more compassion, respect and responsibility for these innocent living beings.

    It is the power of this educational and informative process that will not only inspire and encourage individuals to empathize with animals, but also to reach out worldwide to empower more participation and support in order to create more representatives of positive change around the world and in our own community.


We are hoping that individuals around the world will take a moment of their time to not only spread the message about Humane Education, but also Aid & Support our efforts to see our H.E.L.P programs become a reality :)  

PLEASE DONATE TODAY IF YOU CAN - even a little bit can make a huge difference!

*NOTE* All donations in which we collect will not only go towards helping with the development of our H.E.L.P Programs but will also go towards helping our innocent voiceless in need ~ Thank You For Your Support.

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