Saturday, 25 April 2015

OUR THOUGHTS - Man Ends His Own Life After His Dog Confiscated By Police

Dear Readers:

   I was reading this article called "Man Ends His Life When Dog Confiscated By Police" and for some reason it made me flash back to when I lost my little girl "PJ" (my dog of 13 years).


   When it comes to companion animals, there are many who see these living beings as just that, but then there are others who see them as family, their children, important parts of their world and life - and without them life just doesn't have as much meaning and purpose as it did when they were there.

   I am one of those individuals, and although I was constantly being bombarded by others statements saying "she was just a dog" or "you can always get another" - it really affected me because would these people state these same words if it were a parent who had just lost their child, or look at you strangely because you held these beings so deep within your heart that when they are taken from you, you instantly fall into a deep depression, or feel like your entire world had been shattered.

   There were countless times that I kept my feelings and emotions locked up inside, because of some people's responses ~ feeling that what I was feeling deep inside was being judged or criticized because to them she was just a dog, even though to me she was my baby and my first experience at being a parent, and it disturbed me that people could actually make me feel ashamed of feeling what I was feeling -- or to think that I could just replace her like some possession or object.

   Although I did not choose to end my life, it did feel like my life had ended, because everything seemed different to me; the way you seen things, your environment and surroundings, waking up and hoping that it was all a nightmare that you had experienced... but then you get back to reality and you realize that your life will never be the same.

   I cannot say that I know exactly what this poor gentleman went through, but it was obviously severe enough for him to take the route in which he did, and although there are some who will never understand why -- or perhaps see his extreme actions as "crazy" because of some animal - perhaps they need to take a moment and view the situation differently

   This form of depression is just as real as any form of depression, and should be acknowledged and understood as it would be for a parent who has just lost their child - no matter if the child is human or animal, they still touch your life and heart in the same way.

Thank You


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