Thursday, 16 April 2015

Our Deepest Apology!

Dear Supporters:

Let me first say that I truly appreciate all the support and love that we have been shown, it truly means the world to us.

Sadly it seems that some individuals are tired of the fact that I am continuously posting about requesting contributions towards our efforts and aims that we hope to achieve.

We want to personally say that this was not our intention (to annoy or anger) anyone, we were merely reaching out in hopes of support since this has been our first attempt in 3 years since we started our Canadian Federally Incorporated Not - For -Profit. We have tried to accomplish many efforts and tasks without requesting any financial support, because we were trying to make our mission to only rely on the voices & support from individuals, without having to request any such donations etc.

When we created this campaign we never anticipated that we would find ourselves reaching for others for donations, and to have people upset, we are now second guessing our actions considering that we are here to help animals and not create enemies or dislikers frown emoticon

So once again we apologize for our pestering etc ~ We truly hope that you all can accept our deep apologies.

Raise Ur Paw

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