Sunday, 26 April 2015


   For the past few days I have been observing tweets being distributed around about the Government of Yulin promising to take the dog meat section out of the festival, which is due to take place June 21, 2015.

   According to the tweets, Yulin Party Secretary LI JUN (Green Food and Drug Administration) stated that:

“This year, if businesses hold the dog section (festival) we will resolutely ban it!”

  It is then stated that at a meeting with lawyers he said:

 “If the public are to report illegal dog runs, we will resolutely investigate” “I want to end the dog section!”

   However, these words don't seem to really be strong enough to stop the outrage and constant protest of this inhumane and cruel section of this festival - for many (including myself) are eagerly waiting for anything official to be signed, stamped and delivered by the Government confirming the ban and promises that are being made.

   As an individual, and not-for-profit incorporation, who has continuously been fighting and protesting to get this part of the festival stopped and banned - I do have this to say "I will believe it when I see it!"

   I am not stating that the Yulin Government will not make good on their promises, but until something is actually put into writing and sealed - then I still cannot shake the feeling that perhaps this may be just a mere method to push away the negativity and outrage that has been continuously falling upon them - due to this section of the festival.

   And for this reason here, I am going to continue on with putting the pressure upon them, and raising awareness on the brutal torture, inhumanity and slaughter that thousands of innocent lives are subjected too and endure for their fur and meat.

    The Government of Yulin desperately needs to acknowledge and take control over this situation at hand, for it is not only the lives of thousands of dogs/cats at risk, but the populations of their society which are consuming the meat - that could be tainted by drugs, viruses, diseases, and so much more, due to being unregulated, unsanitary conditions in which they are transported in and raised,  to health conditions in which the animals are in, the list goes on ~ which can be hazardous and even fatal to those consuming the meat.

    If the Government truly cares about it's citizens and keeping the reputation of their community in a positive and healthy state they will stand by the promises in which they made and finally put an end to the dog meat trade - the ball now is in their court.

Please Keep Up The Fight to Stop This Trade and Raise Awareness Until Something is Done.  Every Voice Makes A Difference - Let's Raise Our Paws Worldwide.

Join the 28,000 others who have signed to #StopYulin2015 - Spread the Message and Mission to Save the Lives Of Thousands of Dogs/Cats  -


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