Thursday, 9 April 2015

LETS GO ORANGE - Please Help Make A Difference!

We Stand Not Just As A Voice But As Beacons of Hope for A Better World!

   Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month Is more than just a time to acknowledge the importance of individuals around the world working together to prevent animal cruelty, but to promote the physical well-being of our beloved voiceless.  During this month of April we are holding our #LetsGoOrange Campaign, encouraging those around the world to share the issues and dilemmas in which victims of violence face, and promote prevention around the World. 

   We are hoping that the World will wear orange, not as a color, but as a message of hope that we can find solution to the inhumanity and cruelty that is plaguing the earth, victimizing innocent beings  and even claiming the lives of some ~ and unite as one strong and powerful voice to finally bring this issue to an end.

As this strong and powerful voice we are making a meaningful connection with animals, building not only a foundation of support and aid, but also a safe haven and circle of compassion for these innocent victims.  But to achieve such a goal, everyone needs to play a role in preventing animal cruelty and speaking out for their rights and welfare.


PLEASE DONATE IF YOU CAN -  So many lives need our help.

With your support and contribution we are hoping to accomplish the following efforts:
  • To  fight for effective and better animal protection laws
  • To  aid in any medical treatment, rehabilitation & necessities that are desperately needed
  •  To establish and maintain outreach programs to the public
  • Develop and present humane education for all ages, as a means of compassion, responsibility and respect for animals.
  • To reach out to every individual in efforts to create a foundation of support through education, encouragement and empowerment.


   At this moment we are going door to door in our community and surrounding communities raising awareness and donations through Prevention of Animal Cruelty Awareness Ribbons, all donations go towards the efforts of our not-for-profit incorporation and helping the innocent victims of violence.  

   If you can spare a dollar or any amount, your support & help would be greatly appreciated - every little bit makes a world of difference for those in need.

When it comes to animal cruelty it's not just companion animals who are victims, but all animals ~ Cruelty doesn't discriminate.  Please be a voice today :)

Thank You
Raise Ur Paw

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