Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Kendall Jones;
      I am writing this open letter to you – to not only voice my opinion on the pictures that you posted on your recent blood shedding trip to Africa on facebook, but to also make a statement of how important it is to teach our children respect and compassion for innocent life, so that they do not go around killing innocent beings the way you do – which seems you get much enjoyment out of it..
      You truly don’t understand and don’t care about the role that you are playing at this moment – not only stealing the lives of innocent beings, but also sending worldwide negative messages to youth and others  -- such as “FOR A GOOD TIME, KILL A LIFE” a statement that makes you no better than animal abusers/killers that are plaguing this world of ours.. and that repulsive smile upon your face says it all....
      I am just wondering how you can look at yourself in the mirror, knowing how many souls you have stolen in attempts to feed your hunger for innocent blood – not to mention post these tragedies online for everyone to see and then get upset that people clearly see you as nothing more than a “Human Disgrace”.
"While all of the ANTI Hunters were hiding behind a computer writing repulsive comments and issuing death threats to me, well I was out doing a White Rhino Green Hunt," she posted on Facebook. "I darted a white rhino and the Vet drew blood samples... The Rhino woke up great and will now be a part of a DNA databank fighting against anti-poaching. Again doing my part in conservation to make a difference."

    But are you really out for conservation - or merely smiling with their victims as a form of getting publicity?? especially since on your facebook page it clearly states:

"I am looking to host a TV show in January 2015"
     Perhaps one day you will find that compassion and respect for life somewhere deep inside, and stop murdering animals as part of your entertainment or an attempt to boost your publicity.  You are still young and it is obvious that you still have a lot of growing up to do – in the compassion and respect sense. 
 You can ignore this open letter or take it to heart – whatever you choose to do – you are the only one that can make that “humane or inhumane decision” and even if you plan on not ending your hunting career, you can be sure that people of compassion will continue to raise their voices against you and negativity will continue to follow you as well. 
 Be A Voice that makes a positive difference, not a voice that spreads the virus of cruelty and death...


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