Saturday, 5 July 2014

MEET "PIG" - "Half-Dog" who won the hearts of many

Dear Readers;

    I know that I usually write my blogs on issues that innocent animals go through on a daily basis, a way of spreading awareness and shining the spotlight in hopes of gaining the world’s help and support in fighting the good fight to end these problems.

    But sometimes you are suddenly hit by an inspirational story that immediately tugs at your heart and right away you want to share it with the world... and that is exactly what happened to me and why I am writing this entry today...

 When I first came across this story about a dog named “PIG”, I wasn’t sure what I was going to be faced with especially when the headline said “She May Be An “Ugly Mutt” favorite, but this “Half Dog” has a Huge Fan Base...and She Deserves It!” right away I was expecting to see a dog that had been cruelly mistreated or dismembered --- which I am sure that many others who came across the story thought as well...

    But instead I came face to face with a picture of a beautiful baby, who although was born with all kinds of disadvantages, had such a heart gripping and inspiring story .

     This little soul was found in the woods near Atlanta, born with severe deformities; her spine is seven inches shorter than normal, has missing ribs and bones that have basically fused together and to top it off she virtually has no neck – and later adopted and nursed by a woman in Alabama named Kim Dillenbeck.

    Not only did “PIG” win the heart of her owner, but she has also gone on to win the hearts of people all over the world – showing and inspiring so many, that even though she has multiple health issues including missing ribs, incorrectly rotated jointed and damaged vertebrae, has learned to live with her impairments and be the happy little pup that she is today.

    I Raise My Paw for “PIG” and her animal angel owner for sharing this beautiful girl’s story – because it shows the goodness of some, and the strength and inspiration of others... many blessings and happiness.


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