Sunday, 13 July 2014

FIGHT FOR LIFE - Our Open Letter to Argentina/Mendoza Government

To Whom It May Concern;

    We at Raise Ur Paw and countless others around the world are coming to you in hopes of response and exhibit humanity in protecting and saving the lives of animals that are being held captive at the Mendoza Zoo in Argentina – and to also establish up to date animal rights/welfare laws for the protection of such beings that reside within.

     For many years these defenceless beings have been held against their will, exhibited and used for the soul purpose of commercial gain & exploitation, as if their lives were of unimportant and used as mere objects/possessions in order to line the pockets and bank accounts of those responsible, where these animals live in inappropriate and heartbreaking conditions.

     You must understand the critical damage that such places are doing to the animals, whether it be psychologically, physically, even spiritually - understanding that if animals have no control of their existence & life, unable to exercise or stimulate, their psychological development will proceed to a series of repetitive or stereotyped behaviors – which will therefore, decrease their well-being and slowly take away their will to live.

    It is an unjust and inhumane reality, how enslaved lives are being deprived of their opportunity to develop their interests and need, how humanity exploit them, keeping them in conditions which are truly unethical and merciless, and that the laws that are meant to protect innocent life are outdated and need the power of the people and Government to see to it that they are brought to appropriate measures so that the welfare/rights of life are protected.

    The story of Arturo, the last captive polar bear in the Mendoza Zoo is just one of many lives that are being affected by the conditions in which they live in – also an example how without proper and updated laws are permitting such conditions to be created without any protection of these animals, subjecting them to not only being used and abused, but also dying as a result of inadequate methods taken in providing them with the way of life and security that they so deserve.

     We as humanity are meant to be guardians of life, to nurture and be responsible for them, and yet there are many that defy and ignore these positions, and it is time that we band together united, not just to protect the lives of the innocent (animals) but to also show the Greatness of Our Nation and our World as humankind. 

     We ask of you to take this message, this plea of hope & compassion – and step forward to creating a world that is not only humane and respectful to animals – but to also create a world where our future generations can be proud of – and able to see the beauty of life, protected and respected by every human being.

Thank You


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