Thursday, 3 July 2014

TO MY LITTLE GIRL - In Memory Of Best Friend & Little Girl PJ

I will love you forever
Even though you had to go
I will cherish you for always
More than the world will ever know.

My best friend and inspiration
A special angel who was always there
In my heart will be the memories of you
The special bond we use to share.

You gave my life so much meaning
A special warmth within my heart
And nothing in this entire world
Can ever take your part.

Although some days it’s hard to cope
A feeling of loneliness without you here
I just think about the times we had
And I can feel your presence near.

Thank You for being a part of my life
My little girl, my angel from above
For giving me a life so sweet
A life full of happiness and love.

Written by Creator of Raise Ur Paw

Rest In Peace PJ – your memory will live on in my heart

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