Monday, 30 June 2014

SLAUGHTERHOUSE: Looking Through Glass Walls

     Once inside these “DEATH HOUSES” you can be sure that the definition of pure horror is present within their four walls.  A place of barbaric cruelty and inhumane actions not only plague the world within their confines, but it is also a nightmare for the poor innocent lives that enter... never to come out again except in packages and portions.

     But why are these places of HORROR not closed down or stopped - this is because my dear readers, the meat industry doesn't want the truth to be known, to be exposed and show its sickening face to the world - wanting to continue to portray happy farm animals etc, instead of showing the TERROR and PAIN these innocent animals endure and face when it comes to factory farming and the slaughter process.

     These innocent living beings are beaten and abused, boiled and dismembered - while many are even still alive during this process, a common occurrence in slaughterhouses today and WHY YOU MAY ASK??? because human demand for meat has led to production demands to be quicker, which in definition means that the meat production line of the industry STOPS FOR NOTHING, especially those animals that are sick, disabled and NOT STUNNED effectively.. perhaps that is why many meats are being recalled due to contamination and other viruses etc... think about it for a minute?

     It is a horrific ordeal that is happening as we speak, an ordeal that is being funded by each individual that is purchasing meat - a price that these poor animals are paying for. 

     So many slaughterhouses are IGNORING CERTAIN METHODS so that they can save time and money. Even when stunning an animal is made, whether it be firing a bolt gun into their heads or electrocute them, only a certain percentage of the time these stuns are ineffective -- meaning these poor babies endure and feel every agonizing moment.... 

     There has already been countless documented cases of animal abuse & cruelty within these places - but many still remain in the shadows, unreported and undocumented. I believe the reason is that if the truth happened to come to light not only would the meat producers loose money, but so would the Government -- I mean come on.. take a look at the "AG GAG BILL" which will prosecute anyone who attempts to take action (such as undercover investigation) to try and stop the abuse and cruelty that is happening....

     The only way that such abuse and cruelty will end is if we UNITE TOGETHER AS ONE and either refuse to purchase meat, stand up against the meat production & farming, write and protest to Government to do something to save the lives of innocent beings instead of turning a blind eye to what is happening... We all can be a voice, we just have to step away from the silence and have them heard for animals in need...


Thank You 


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