Sunday, 29 June 2014

TURN OFF THE GAS -- A Plea To Ban Gas Chambers

We at RAISE UR PAW are coming to you with a plea to be voices and help BAN GAS CHAMBERS everywhere -- To Speak Up For the Voiceless and make a stand united ...

    Each year several MILLIONS of innocent lives are being lost due to this horrific and inhumane death, a fate that no life should ever face and it is being permitted by Governments and used by many facilities around the globe in order to dispose of living beings that they cannot be bothered to take the time to care for or find loving homes and families for.

    These GAS CHAMBERS are nothing more than brutal, cruel and slow deaths, allowed by many states and other places around the world - an inhumane act that takes up to 30 MINUTES for these innocent babies to perish -- 30 MINUTES of pain and suffering, slowly and cruelly stealing the innocent souls from their poor, fragile little bodies... It is truly heartbreaking & sickening display of inhumanity and for what reason -- because they are unwanted, unloved, unseen??? 

      We are truly hoping that everyone will join together to show the greatness of our nation and put an end to this torturous act - to raise their paws united and force Government to put a ban on this display of inhumanity - and fulfill the role that has been set for us as humanity, and that is guardians and caretakers of animals around the world - and not executioners of the unwanted, unloved and unseen... this is not what we should be about.

We need to have hope and faith in humanity that they will come together and let their voices ROAR -- and to have the hope and faith in WORLDWIDE GOVERNMENTS that they will hear our pleas and do the humane thing and BAN these BOXES OF DEATH once and for all --- but our voices count and need to be raised and heard in order for differences to be made...


Thank You



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