Sunday, 27 December 2015


  As an animal rights not-for-profit we have always relied on the compassion and support of others, individuals like ourselves who make a stand each and every day for our voiceless in hopes of saving and protecting them from issues in which they face.

    But there are times when mere voices are not enough, and the tears and sadness of such actions cannot remove these issues from the world – that only the power of action, making a stand and standing upon the frontlines is the only strategy that must be made in order to make a difference.

    A few days ago I wrote a blog about the cruelty that was happening at the Bowmanville Zoo, expressing my deep sadness and anger of the cruel actions of one Mr. Michael Heckenberger towards an innocent tiger that fell victim to this man.  Although my words were spread to listening ears of individuals, I felt that I needed to do more – to show more support and action than just sending out words that may or may not make any difference.

    I understood that there are apparently investigations going on, but in my eyes even though these organizations were trying to get down to the truth, leaving these animals within the walls of this establishment was not preventing these innocent lives from being further victimized with such treatment and actions.

    I still cannot understand how this man is still permitted to have these lives in his possession, considering that there has been past issues and a high number of concerns about the welfare and well-being of these animals within his care, and that the video that showed such actions was not enough to have these babies removed from the site.

But what sort of action could I take that may help these innocent lives?

    It wasn’t until I spoke with another animal angel that I decided to create a petition that would be addressed to the Mayor, City Council Members and the M.P.P for Durham in request for their assistance for the removal of these animals from the establishment and the revoking of Mr. Heckenberger’s permits to obtain and have animals within his care.

   Along with the petition I will be emailing each individual of the City Council and M.P.P for Durham, furthering my reach to make sure that this issue is acknowledged and taken seriously in hopes of protecting and saving these innocent animals.

  It is now that I am relying and pleading with each and every individual to please join me by not only signing the petition but to also make a stand for these innocent lives.. we as voices of humanity are the only ones that can have their voices heard and their pain and suffering acknowledged.  These cruel and inhumane actions and behaviors should not be tolerated and should consequences.

Please Raise Ur Paw Today, For the Voices We Raise Today, Is the Impacts Made Tomorrow!

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