Sunday, 6 December 2015


Dear Ian;

    As an animal activist/advocate and president of Raise Ur Paw, a Canadian federally incorporated not-for-profit, I would like to wish you not only a great happy birthday, (even though it's on the 8th of December),but also send out this special message to you, in hopes that you will see how much you touched my life and the lives of others who support you and the stands in which you make.

    Being a single and unimportant voice in this world fighting for a better world and future is a difficult task, especially when you are facing a world of million other voices – that was me when I first began this journey towards my goal of making a difference.  I knew in my heart that I wanted to do more, but to be honest I was afraid because I didn’t possess the voice that others had – the voice of power, influence and strength.

     I denied the capabilities of my voice and hid amongst the shadows, only sharing the words of others and sending out their voices, while mine remained unheard and unseen.  It wasn’t until a few animal angels reached out to me, and the countless messages that highlighted how important voices are needed that I began to realize that my fear and silence was not only denying me from doing something of importance and special in this world, but also denying the chance for real positive change for the world and the innocent lives that reside here.

    You were one of those animal angels, and although you didn’t see me there, it was the voice of yours and many others who helped me move closer towards the light – to be seen as a unique individual whose voice is just as influential, empowering and strong as the next and that even though I wasn’t famous or someone of importance, I still mattered in the fight for a better future and world.

    I want to say Thank You Ian, for not only being a voice and action taker, but for being an influence and inspirer to many.  Without your voice and the voices of animal angels worldwide, many people like me would have still remained within the shadows and never taken the opportunity to shine like diamonds and have confidence in the voices of power that we possess. 

Happy Birthday And Many Wishes Come True. 
Always and Forever A Supporter to #ISF


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