Saturday, 26 December 2015

Bowman"Hell" Zoo - Something Needs To Be Done!

As many of you are aware a recent investigation video, that was done by PETA, has stormed social media and raising many red flags against the Bowmanville Zoo and it's owner Mr. Hackenberger.


      Being an animal advocate/activist and President of RAISE UR PAW, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, I felt the need to view the video myself - and although I was quite hesitant at first, it was imperative that I seen for myself what was allegedly happening at this site.

These are the "RED FLAGS" that I got from the VIDEO:

   The video itself gave me many impressions and feelings towards this individual in question. Impressions and feelings that were not just of anger and disgust but also concerned for these innocent lives that are in his care.  There was absolutely no professionalism in his actions, and I could see much anger and hostility issues within this gentleman.

RED FLAG:  Sometimes when a person becomes angered their actions will extend further and more violently towards the victim. If the accused has already crossed that line of abuse/cruelty, you can be sure that it is a continuous behavior, not just upon one specific victim but others as well.  Such anger and hostility can lead to further concerns and may even lead to death of that victim or another life.

   The victim in question (Siberian Tiger) was on the ground, and you could definitely get the impression of fear, terror and distress from this life from the way the tiger was acting as the sounds of the whip were being heard.

RED FLAG: Putting an innocent life through such distress and fear, causes many concerns not just for the life being victimized but for others that interact with this victim as well.  In this case, the Tiger could turn the fear and distress that it is being subjected too to anger and violence against another life, which in the end would lead the Tiger to be destroyed due to this behavior.  The cruel and inhumane actions of Mr. Hackenberger in his so-called "training" sessions is not only endangering the lives of his victims but to all those around.

   Mr. Hackenberger is then shown explaining his cruel actions, and he clearly finds humor from the cruel acts in which he subjects these innocent lives too - there is absolutely no remorse, compassion or respect.

RED FLAG:  This is a redflag because he acknowledges his behaviour and finds it humorous, even adding that if PETA was to get a video of such treatment they would "Burn Him To The Ground" - and I get the impression that he believes that he will get away with such treatment,

   I believe that with this many red flags, plus many others and the fact that this is not the first time that Mr. Hackenberger and Bowmanville Zoo has been underfire ...


Limba The Elephant:

Bowmanville Zoo Director Swears at Monkey on Live TV:

    If these actions were against a human child you can be sure that the proper authorities would be involved and the children removed immediately from the situation - pending investigation.  It is desperately needed and imperative that these innocent lives be removed from the situation at hand, because how far does this inhumanity have to go before actions are taken in order to protect and help these innocent lives?




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