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Our H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs) Kindergarten - Grade 9



   Youth will discover the imperativeness of taking care of their pets or animals around them through activities in which builds responsibility and empathy.  Other activities that will be involved is reading stories of animals and using informative flashcards to engage students in conversations about the resemblance of animal and human emotions, needs and actions along with an educational activity that is age and developmental appropriate.

  As like our Kindergarten program, we will use the similar strategy and method, except the GR 1 program will include the do’s and don’ts of your pet, a discussion of feelings towards animals, the responsibility that we have as humans towards our domestic animals, along with activities using coloring sheets and pictures to extend their views and opinions to further their way of thinking.

  The Grade Two program will hold a presentation from a local animal shelter, which will provide the youth with the knowledge of adoption, fostering and rescuing of animals, the important information on when you adopt/foster a sheltered animal,  The body language in which animals use to communicate and warning signs, which will involve activities (pictures, coloring sheets etc.) This program will also involve some aspects from the Grade 1 program as well.

    The Grade Three Program will introduce the Animal Welfare’s Three R’s (Respect, Responsibility, and Rights) and how we can act humanely towards living beings both wild & domestic.  Various topics will be brought to discussion which permits the youth to give their own insight, opinions and views – and even bring upon their own personal methods to use.  It will also include some aspects from the Grade Two Program.

   The Grade Four Program will provide the students with interactive, understanding and compassion building along with problem solving – such activities will include certain topics in which students will be able to discuss (giving their own views, opinions and work alongside other students) be provided with activities, information and resources to fully understand the task at hand.  There will also be a discussion on how to recognize and report animal abuse/cruelty and the imperativeness of responsibility to helping an animal in need. There will be certain aspects from Grade Three Program Added.

  The Grade Five Program will take a look into the world of captivity, the use of animals in entertainment, animal experimentation/research and the negative impacts that such use can cause to living beings, and students will be given activities and information in order to raise awareness in society but also within their own selves.

    Included in this program will be a presentation and even interactive discussion which permits students to give their own views, opinions and beliefs, and give them the opportunity to create their own awareness project in which they can present to other members of the class.  Certain aspects from Grade 4 Program will be added to this program as well.

  In our Grade Six Program, students will be taking a look into the laws dealing with animals (municipally, provincially and federally) – there will be a discussion (on own and as a team) to figure out what is working to help and what needs to be done or changed for the future.  This discussion will come with activities and even a debate to observe the youths opinion, methods/strategies and ideas.

     Included in this program will also be how animal abuse/cruelty is investigated and prosecuted, determine the different types of animal cruelty/abuse and informative resources that youth can use in order to further this educational experience.  We will also be adding certain aspects of Grade 5 program.

  In the Grade Seven Program, students will further their knowledge and understanding concerning the “Cycle of Violence” concerning animal abuse/cruelty and the transition to human violence. Students will be provided with scenarios of abusive behaviour which they will evaluate as a group and individually – this will help the youth discover and gain insight on the abuse/cruelty within the world and also observe that there are many views on abuse (individually and group)

    As in the Grade 6 Program – this program will also look at the laws for animal abuse/cruelty and animal welfare – and discuss what laws would apply to such scenarios or if there should be laws for such cruelty and abuse etc. Each student will be provided with the necessary resources and then later present a presentation upon the scenario in which they were issued.

  The Grade Eight Program will discuss industrialized cruelty and organized crime ( fur industry, factory farming, dog fighting, puppy mills etc.) it will also bring up on the issues of animal experimentation and vivisection, ag-gag laws, and worldwide issues that animals are facing and enduring.

  The program will also include certain aspects of the Grade 7 program – the laws of animal welfare.  It is then that students will be requested to do a research project on topic of choice, and present it to their fellow classmates, and after a discussion of what was learned, what can be changed, and how we can make the difference.

   The Grade Nine Program will discuss Conservation, Trophy Hunting, Poaching and the illegal trade of animals and their parts.   This educational experience will help students to create ideas and give their views and opinions on how we as humanity can save life that is endangered or not, and how we can unite to bring solution to the issues that are destroying these innocent species.

    Including in this program will be videos, educational resources necessary and even give the students the opportunity to help by creating an event to help raise awareness on such issues.  This experience will allow the students to become involved and do their parts to help bring light to the issues, there will also be a presentation to further that knowledge and discussions afterwards.

Although we are currently developing the programs for Kindergarten to Grade 9, we are also working on including from 10-12 as well.  We would like to inform that each program that children and youth are involved with will receive a certificate after accomplishment.  These programs will include Vegetarian/Vegan snack and meals along with information on choosing a lifestyle such as this and the benefits of such a choice.

   In the development of these programs, there may be additional educational materials, topics, and/or methods/strategies brought in.  

Your contribution to will help with the production, efforts and distribution of our programs, we appreciate any and all support :)

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