Wednesday, 9 December 2015

OFFENDER TO ANIMAL ADVOCATE: Can A Person Change Their Ways?

Could forgiveness and acceptance for actions of cruelty and inhumanity be given to offenders who have seen the errors of their ways and stepped into the light of fighting for animal rights/welfare instead?

    It is a question that I am sure that many people would stop and think about – or perhaps quickly turn towards the negative response and say that “leopards don’t change their spots!” Many times we as humanity will continuously reside with the image of the deeds done and make it very difficult to accept the amends being made for the wrongs that offenders have put out in this world.

   As an animal advocate/activists and President of RAISE UR PAW, I believe that it does take more than just an offender saying “I have seen the light, and now I want to change!” because it takes more than just words to be able to seek out redemption and demonstrate to the world that these individuals have truly transformed from the past image that they had displayed.

   I agree that it is truly difficult to see past the crimes in which offenders have created – because sometimes those actions have burned their image so far into our memory that seeing the individual as something different is a task that is truly challenging.

    As I sit here now writing this blog, I am still searching for the answer of whether or not an offender can truly be forgiven and change, and especially depending on the crimes in which they have put out into this world.  It is then that I think about other things such as:  If someone who wears make-up tested on animals changes to no-animal testing products should they be forgiven? if someone had been a meat-eater changed vegan... or if someone has participated in the actions to enslave innocent life changes can they redeem themselves? Because whether we do the action or participate and buy into these inhumanities, there is still a part being played in the destruction and cruelty to a living being.

    But the question still remains – can a person step away from these deeds and make a 180 and change for the better?

     Time is the key I guess, to truly witness if these individuals have revolutionized themselves from the past image that they have painted, and demonstrate this change for all to observe – and if by chance that they have indeed seen the errors of their ways and made that life-altering choice, then the decision falls upon us as humanity whether they deserve the acceptance and forgiveness for their past actions.

What is your opinion?  Can a person be forgiven and Change? We want to hear your opinion

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