Saturday, 19 September 2015


Light a candle against Taiji
For the Lives we need to Save.
from the Slaughter & Enslavement
May our voices be Strong and Brave.

Reaching out to all World Voices
To Speak Up and lend a hand
for the innocent beings who plead for help
We all must Make this Stand.

To represent the Greatness of our Nation
to come together in unity
We stand worldwide as an empowering beacon
To Shine light on this Inhumanity.

Written by Douglas Atherton

   With the TAIJI DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER & ENSLAVEMENT underway, so is the actions & voices being raised to end this annual dolphin massacre.  Countless individuals, organizations & celebrities etc are all coming together as one powerful army in hopes of not only saving the innocent lives who are in jeopardy during this time, but to also bring this "tradition"-as some will continue to call it, to a final end.

    But just like every year, the voices and cries of the world seems to be continuously going unseen & unheard by those who have the influence and the power to wipe out this stain that this annual massacre has placed upon the country's reputation and image -- and it is these barriers and obstacles that is strengthening the voices and creating more education, encouragement and empowerment -- tightening the grip on the goal in which we hope to achieve.....  The End of the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter & Enslavement.

   As doing our part in the action to aid & support the fight against this slaughter, we are hoping to unite the world in lighting a candle as a beacon of hope and unity of humanity - to bring forth not only the light which shines upon the issue, but also as an eternal flame that our voices, our actions will continue to glow for those who need us desperately -- without flickering or extinguishing until a difference has been made, and this inhumane shadow that is enslaving and claiming innocent lives has been stopped once and for all.

   However, the ultimate decision to help or remain in silence falls upon humanity - since it is the lives of the innocent that has been placed within our hands to either protect or let fall victim, to care for or let die, to save or let be destroyed... 

What Choice Will You Make????

Please Light A Candle in Support Against the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter/Enslavement - Educate, Encourage & Empower Others to become involved, Follow the countless individuals, organizations who making a stand & taking action--- The Stand You Make Today, Is the Difference Made Tomorrow!

Hashtag: #Tweet4Taiji

Thank You 
Twitter: @raiseurpaw







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