Friday, 25 September 2015

" A Light Fading Dim" - Raise Ur Paw Against Puppy Mills

Alone within these prison walls
My life and future very clear
to spend enslaved for human greed
bound by the shackles of pain and fear.

To reside among the filth and waste
everyday my faith grows slim
Abused and used for selfishness
my light for hope is fading dim.

I've had so many children
that my fragile body can bear no more
But the high demand for what I give
Is what I suffer for.

I may never see the light of freedom
or feel the warmth of a loving hand
But if my story can make a difference
within this prison I have made a stand.

So as a plea to all the World
to every heart and every voice
Please Raise Ur Paw Against Puppy Mills
the time is now to make a choice.

Written by Douglas Atherton

"The Stand We Make Today, Is the Difference We May See Tomorrow!"

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