Monday, 21 September 2015

THE COMPASSION CHALLENGE: The Fight to Bring Animal Testing To An End.

This Should Concern All Of Us As Humanity:
   I am sure that many are aware of the extreme distress, suffering and unexplainable inhumanity that animal testing/experimentation and vivisection that is being carried out as we speak – and although there are countless options for such research to be achieved without using innocent lives, countless organizations, companies & establishments are still proceeding with the use of torture, cruelty and even slaughter, an out-dated and completely unnecessary, to create cosmetics, products, medication etc  for the human race.
   It is truly disturbing and disgraceful that such a form of inhumanity is being permitted to occur, and that many are not seeing that such acts are indeed not “scientific” but crimes against nature --- continuously buying products etc that have been  produced by the suffering and the shedding of innocent blood.
   The living-beings are robbed of their lives & freedom, subjected on a daily basis to the extremities that such tests, experiments have on them (such as burns, scars, blindness, infections, extreme suffering and anguish & even horrific deaths – the list goes on and on).  Still this process continues, some using taxpayer’s dollars, due to being funded by the Government – and there is absolutely NO MERCY shown to these beloved babies.
.  I truly understand that certain things we do need – but not at the expense of a living-beings life and welfare, this is not the way that we as a civilized world  and race should be treating other life,  and we need to acknowledge that such actions of cruelty and inhumanity is NOT evolving us to a better world & future, but to a future that is brutally cruel and barbaric.
    We are asking each and every individual of the world to please make a stand against  Animal Testing/ Experimentation and Vivisection, to urge the Governments of the World to use their power and influence to stop these barbaric actions  - to speak out for the voiceless, raise awareness and to educate, encourage & empower others to become involved in becoming an animal-friendly and cruelty-free world and future.

RAISE UR PAW & TAKE THE CHALLENGE - Together United We Can Make A Difference.

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